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Activités de C. Auroi relatives à Alfred Métraux

124 : 2 cassettes audio. Interview de Michel Gutelman (ex-thésard d'A. Métraux) sur A. Métraux. Paris, 8 janvier 2001. Interview de Marianne de Franz, collaboratrice d'A. Métraux à l'UNESCO sur sa personnalité, Bubikon, 15 octobre 2000
125 : Documents préparatoires relatifs à l'exposition "Du pays de Vaud au pays Vaudou" consacrée à Alfred Métraux, 1998. (Documents d'organisation, documents préparatoires)
126 : Alain Monnier. Recherche sur Alfred Métraux. Musée de l'Homme, 2001 (en collaboration avec C. Auroi)
127 : Recherche Métraux : documents recueillis par C. Auroi, 2001
Auroi, Claude. "Alfred Métraux à la croisée de deux mondes, anthropologie et développement", 1996
L'expérience de l'UNESCO à Marbial, 1947
128 : Auroi, Claude. "Métraux et les Andes" : préparation d'un article, [2002?]
129 : Correspondance et documents divers, 1990-2003

Fonds International Council of Human Rights Policy (ICHRP)

Les archives complètes de l'ICHRP, composées aussi bien de documents physiques que numériques, ont fait l’objet d’une donation à la Bibliothèque de l’Institut des hautes études internationales et du développement. Elles contiennent de la correspondance, des procès-verbaux, des rapports mais aussi des images, qui documentent les activités de l’ICRHP au cours des ans.

International Council of Human Rights Policy

Binder 3. First Meeting of the ICHRP

Agenda of initial meetings, recording of decisions, establishment of office locations and staff, administrative management, designing of logo, establishment of budget

Binder 7. Staff organization

Recruitment of a executive director, initial planning meetings, selection of a executive board, establishment of initial project ideas

ICHRP newletters

Vol. 2, no 1 (Apr. 1999)-vol. 9, no 1 (Apr. 2006) icpl. ; Jan. 2011

122 Migration: human rights protection of smuggled persons

  • 4.2.ICHRP B.11/1-4 ICHRP B.19/1-2
  • Файл
  • 2003-2009
  • Part of Fonds spéciaux

10/1-2: Country file
10/3-4: Background reading
14/1-4: Meetings
19/1-2 : Interviews conducted by Ariadna Torres' paper for July 2005 Review Meeting

Project design, documentation collected, correspondance, meetings, draft reports, comments, interviews with migrants in transit through Mexico 2005 (published 2010)

104 Foreign aid to the justice sector

Consulting report, project design, draft versions with comments, correspondance, final report (published 2000, project originally titled "Human rights assistance)

Human rights 2020 initiative

Preparatory papers, meeting, correspondance, feasability report, personal set of papers of Robert Archer with corrections, comments and notes

Grands Lacs

Before and after the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, and with ongoing civil wars in Burundi and DRC, a great amount of written documents were produced in the Great African Lakes region, but without any record or storage. The International Documentation Network on the Great African Lakes Region was born in 1994, at the initiative of Africanist scholars who were willing to keep track of, and make public, unpublished documents about this troubled part of Africa – so-called "grey literature", i.e. texts from local NGOs, political parties, researchers, scholars, local press, individuals etc., most of them produced between 1990 and 2000.

The Programme started to collect original documents in the field and at the institutional level, resulting in a total of about 4,000 documents.

Hosted in Geneva from 1995 to 2009 by the former Graduate Institute for Development Studies, the Programme opened local offices in the field, i.e. in Burundi, Rwanda, DRC and Tanzania. It was offering a double opportunity: to collect more documents from the concerned countries, and to train local staff to document processing with the highest efficiency. The Programme stopped its activities in March 2009.


United States Agency Information Agency


Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)

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