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1) 21-26.08.1967, Ripon, UK.2) "Military defence challenged", 18-22.08.1969, Kungalv, Sweden. Correspondence.3) "Military defence challenged", 18-22.08.1969, Kungalv, Sweden.


1) NATO, OSCE. 1990-1996.2) Landmines. Cluster munitions. Human rights and human security. Climate change. 1991-2014.3) Arms trade. 1987-2011.4) Disarmament. Small arms. 2001-2006.

World Court Project

Presentation , launch, minutes of meetings, reports, statements, press releases, financial documents


Newsletter "Disarmament/Geneva", No. 1-7 (2000-2002)Disarmament Advocacy Programme (DAP) (2001-2003)Disarmament for development (2008-2010)

Women in the Peace Process. Bertha von Suttner

Facsimile of a letter von Bertha von Suttner dated 1894Bertha von Suttner Year (2005) / Centenary of the Nobel Prize awarded to Bertha von Suttner (2003-2006)Copy of a biography on Bertha von Suttner's life (2005)Leaflets (2005-2006)

Coalitions, Campaigns, Calls for Action

International Coalition for Nuclear Non-Proliferation (1993-1995)International Campaign Against Nuclear Testing (1995)Abolition 2000 (1995-1999)Military Spending/Global Day of Action on Military Spending (2008-2013)


Hague Appeal for PeaceNGO Committee for DisarmamentConferences, exhibitions, seminars, campaigns

Binder 3. First Meeting of the ICHRP

Agenda of initial meetings, recording of decisions, establishment of office locations and staff, administrative management, designing of logo, establishment of budget

Binder 7. Staff organization

Recruitment of a executive director, initial planning meetings, selection of a executive board, establishment of initial project ideas

ICHRP newletters

Vol. 2, no 1 (Apr. 1999)-vol. 9, no 1 (Apr. 2006) icpl. ; Jan. 2011Various

122 Migration: human rights protection of smuggled persons

10/1-2: Country file 10/3-4: Background reading14/1-4: Meetings19/1-2 : Interviews conducted by Ariadna Torres' paper for July 2005 Review MeetingProject design, documentation collected, correspondance, meetings, draft reports, comments, inte...

104 Foreign aid to the justice sector

Consulting report, project design, draft versions with comments, correspondance, final report (published 2000, project originally titled "Human rights assistance)

Human rights 2020 initiative

Preparatory papers, meeting, correspondance, feasability report, personal set of papers of Robert Archer with corrections, comments and notes

Mouvement Anti-Apartheid

Publications de la Schweizerische Arbeitsgruppen für Entwicklungspolitik (SAFEP)

Henri-Philippe Cart

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