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Ethnology of Easter Island

Honolulu, Hawaii: Published by the Museum
Bernice P. Bishop Museum bulletin 160

Métraux, Alfred

Race et civilisation

Paris : UNESCO
La question raciale devant la science moderne

Leiris, Michel

Alfred Métraux et le chamanisme

Genève : Institut universitaire d'études du développement (IUED) : Société d'études Alfred Métraux

Ricard Lanata, Xavier

La Isla de Pascua

Mexico : Fondo de Cultura Economica
Seccion de Obras de Antropologia

Métraux, Alfred


Buenos Aires : Sur
Version castellana de Jorge Eneas Cromberg

Métraux, Alfred

Ile de Pâques

Paris : Editions Bernard Grasset

Lavachery, Henri

Fonds International Peace Bureau (IPB)

The IPB was founded in 1891, as a result of consultations at the Universal Peace Congresses, large gatherings held annually to bring together the national peace societies that had gradually developed, mainly in Europe and North America, from the end of the Napoleonic Wars onwards.

In the inter-war period IPB struggled to get its voice heard but was gradually drowned out in the rising tide of nationalism. Secretary-General since 1911, Henri Golay was able to keep the Bureau functioning until the outbreak of war in 1939. His death in 1950 marked the end of the old IPB, but a new one was in the process of being born. After many organisational complications the International Liaison Committee of Organisations for Peace (ILCOP), which had inherited the assets of the old IPB, was renamed IPB in 1964 and ILCOP became a small private foundation.

IPB’s membership remained low in the 60s and 70s, but rose sharply after the merger with the International Confederation for Disarmament and Peace in 1984. In 1963 there were 17 member organisations. There are now 186.

The first President of the new IPB was Ernst Wolf (1963-1974) who was the mastermind behind the merger and the establishment of the ILCOP foundation. He was succeeded in 1974 by Sean MacBride, who continued until 1985, giving way to Bruce Kent of British CND.
Currently, the IPB has two co-presidents: Ingeborg Breines and Reiner Braun.

The IPB archives, for the period 1891-1951, are deposited at the United Nations archives in Geneva (

International Peace Bureau


  • The Hague Appeal for Peace
  • NGO Committee for Disarmament
  • Conferences, exhibitions, seminars, campaigns

Executive Committee

  • Meeting minutes and related documents
  • Draft agendas, draft munites


  • Circulaires
  • Communications to Council members
  • Reports
  • Meeting minutes

IPB Steering Committee

(Draft) minutes ; (draft) agendas ; conference calls ; elections ; papers ; reports ; notes


  • 4.11.IPB 30/1-4
  • Pièce
  • 1988 ; 1991 ; 2004 ; 2010-2015
  • Fait partie de Fonds spéciaux

1) Livre d'or Sean MacBride (1988)
2) Centenary Reception (1991)
3-4) Guestbooks (2004 ; 2010-2015)

IPB Board

(Draft) minutes ; (draft) agendas ; conference calls ; elections ; papers ; reports ; notes

Projects and Campaigns

  • Global Action to Prevent War, 2003-2004
  • The Unfinished Disarmament Agenda, 1992-1993
  • Human Security, 2000-2005
  • Human Security Network News Bulletin, 2001-2003 [icpl.]
  • Door-knock Campaign "Open a New Door for Peace", 1988-1989
  • Appeal by Lawyers Against Nuclear War (in English, French and German), [s.d.]
  • Youth for a Sane World, 1990
  • International Coalition for Nuclear Non-Proliferation (1993-1995)
  • International Campaign Against Nuclear Testing (1995)
  • Abolition 2000 (1995-1999)
  • Military Spending/Global Day of Action on Military Spending (2008-2016)

Organes de l'IPB

  • Conseil de l'IPB, 1928-1954, icpl.
  • Rapports de gestion, 1926-1944, icpl.
  • Assemblées générales : PV, 1930-1954, icpl.
  • Comité directeur : PV, 1929-1939, icpl.
  • Communications officielles, 1930, 1937 ; Communications, 1934-1935 ; Correspondance, 1938, 1947
  • Révision des statuts, 1928 ; Statuts, 1930 ; Organigramme, 1924
  • Documents relatifs au Congrès universel de la paix, 1929-1939, icpl.
  • Communications, communiqués de presse, 1929-1942

Memoirs of Bertha von Suttner

Memoirs of Bertha von Suttner : the Records of an Eventful Life. - Vol. 2. - Authorized translation. - Boston ; London : Ginn and Company, 1910. - 443 p.

Suttner, Bertha von

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