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Archives Yekaterina Dmitriyevna Kuskova

Archive of the family of Serguey Nikolaevich Prokopovich (1871-1955), Russian economist, sociologist, liberal politician, Minister in the Provisional (Kerensky) Government (1917), and his wife, Yekaterina Dmitriyevna Kuskova (1869-1958), a politician, advocate of social reformism, economist and journalist writing on economics, history and political matters, founder of the “Public Committee for Famine Relief” in 1921 and, a year later expelled with her husband from Soviet Russia for their anti-Bolshevik activity. The family lived in Geneva from 1939 up to their deaths, leaving their archive material, containing rare original correspondence, manuscripts and press clippings dated 1900-1958, to Boris Souvarine.
Source : The Boris Souvarine archive and library at the Graduate Institute / Svetlana Yakimovich. In : From communism to anti-communism, Open Edition, 2016.

Yekaterina Dmitriyevna Kuskova, 1869-1958

Archives Anatole de Monzie

Anatole de Monzie (1876-1947) homme politique français. Instigateur de la campagne pour la reconnaissance par la France de l’Union soviétique. Président de la Commission des Affaires russes (1924-1927), qui reprit les négociations avec le régime soviétique au sujet de l’indemnisation des porteurs d’emprunts russes, et de la délégation française à la conférence franco-soviétique (1925-1927).
Source : Wikipedia, 10.05.2017.

Anatole de Monzie