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Series 3. Statements

1) Switzerland 31/3 : Elements for Institutional, [31 March 2017]2) Switzerland 29/3 : Elements for Prohibitions, [29 March 2017]3) Switzerland 29/3 : Elements for Preambular/Principles discussion, [29 March 2017]4) Statement by H.E. Ms. Eva Walde...

Series 7. Other Documents of the Conference

1) Comments and ammendments received from States on the draft treaty : Compilation of amendments received from States on the revised draft text submitted by the President dated 30 June 2017 (A/CONF.229/2017/CRP.1/Rev.1), 27 June [2017]2) Comments ...

Fonds International Peace Bureau (IPB)

The IPB was founded in 1891, as a result of consultations at the Universal Peace Congresses, large gatherings held annually to bring together the national peace societies that had gradually developed, mainly in Europe and North America, from the e...

International Peace Bureau

Nobel Prize

Nominations: internal initiativesNihon Hidankyo ( Japan Confederation of A- and H-Bomb Sufferers Organizations)Group with the goals of pressuring the Japanese government to improve support of the victims and lobbying governments for the abolition ...

International Peace Bureau

Series 2. Agenda and Rules of Procedure

1) A/CONF.229/2017/3/Add.3 : Indicative timetable for the meetings of the conference, 3 July to 7 July, 30 June 20172) A/CONF.229/2017/3/Add.2 : Indicative timetable for the meetings of the conference, 26 June to 30 June, 23 June 20173) A/CONF.229...

Series 8. Information Notes

1) A/CONF.229/2017/INF/4 : List of participants, 23 June 20172) A/CONF.229/2017/INF/3 (Advance Unedited Version) : List of non-governmental organizations, 24 March 20173) A/CONF.229/2017/INF/2/Add.1 : Information for civil society representatives....

United Nations Conference to negotiate a legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons, leading towards their total eliminination, 27-31 mars, 15 juin-7 juillet 2017

La Conférence des Nations Unies pour la négociation du premier instrument juridiquement contraignant ayant pour but d’interdire les armes nucléaires a été instituée par la résolution de l’Assemblée générale du 23 décembre 2016.La Conférence s’est...

United Nations

Series 4. Communications from the President

1) Briefing by the President of the United Nations Conference to negotiate a legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons, leading towards their total elimination. New York, June 12, 2017, 12 June 20172) MCR-ONUG/2017-252 : Letter from t...

Series 5. Conference Documents

1) A/72/206 : Report of the United Nations conference to negotiate a legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons, leading towards their total elimination, 24 July 20172) A/CONF.229/2017/8 : Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, ...

Series 1. Basic Documents

1) Draft Rules of Procedure (A/AC.286/L.1). UNGA Rules of Procedure (A/520/Rev.17). Views by Member States. Comments, [March 2017]2) A/RES/71/258 : Resolution adopted by the General Assembly on 23 December 2016, 11 January 20173) Scenarios for the...

Series 6. Conference Room Papers

1) A/CONF.229/2017/CRP.3 : Substantive revisions to A/CONF.229/2017/L.X. Submitted by the President of the Conference, 6 July 20172) A/CONF.229/2017/CRP.3 : Substantive revisions to A/CONF.229/2017/L.X. Submitted by the President of the Conference...

Annual Reports

Annual reports (1990/91-2016)Highlights of activities (1990-2005)Lists of Annual Meetings: Council and Assembly (1990-2016)


  • 4.11.IPB 59/1-60/3
  • File
  • 1935 ; 1970 ; 1973 ; 1981-2016
  • Part of Fonds spéciaux

Funding ; grant applications ; donations

Conferences. Disarmament

1) Publications on peace and disarmament, 1991-20162) Publications on disarmament, 1987-19983) Publications on disarmament, 1999-2000

Disarmament. Elections

1) Disarmament, 1977-19992) Disarmament, Sean McBride's speeches, 1978-19923) Disarmament, Sean McBride's speeches, Press clippings, 1978-19924) Elections, 2016

Steering Committee

(Draft) minutes ; (draft) agendas ; conference calls ; elections ; papers ; reports ; notes


Annual Conference/Meeting ; General Assembly ; Triennal Assembly ; (draft)minutes ; (draft)agendas ; resolutions ; reports


1) Towards a world without violence. Barcelona Forum, 23-27 June20042) Tokyo, 31 January 20163) World congress, Berlin, 30 September-3 October 2016


1) "There is no peace without human rights, IX Trobada de Barcelona, 11-13 June 19982-3) World peace congress, Berlin, 30.September-3 October 2016

Sean MacBride

Reprint of Nobel lecture (1974)Tributes to Sean MacBride (1988)Sean MacBride Prize (1993-2016)Working paper (1984)


  • 4.11.IPB 65/2
  • File
  • 1991-1992 ; 1995-1998 ; 2000-2016
  • Part of Fonds spéciaux

Statements, appeals, communications, press releases, diplomas, action agenda, Disarmament Survey (2013)

Making peace

1-2) Making peace 2010, Geneva3) Making peace OCSE, 2013-20164) Media campaign, 2008-2010

Nobel Prize

CorrespondenceSummit of Nobel Prize Laureates

International Peace Bureau

Financial Documents

Funding ; finance reports ; accounting ; fundraising ; grants ; membership fees ; reports of the IPB Treasurer ; auditors' reports ; budgets ; balance sheets

Nobel Prize

Nominations, congratulations to laureates, press releasesNobel Committee members (2009-2011)

International Peace Bureau

Nobel Prize

Correspondence, communicationsColloque Elie DucommunFacsimile of a letter from Elie Ducommun dated December 30, 1895

International Peace Bureau


Members ; officers ; staff ; membership applications ; membership strategyConsultation on the future of IPB (2005)Organizational Chart (2013)Elections (2013)


  • 4.11.IPB 64/1-4
  • Item
  • 1988 ; 1991 ; 2004 ; 2010-2015
  • Part of Fonds spéciaux

1) Livre d'or Sean MacBride (1988)2) Centenary Reception (1991)3-4) Guestbooks (2004 ; 2010-2015)


IPB News (2004-2011)IPB Newsletter (2013-2014)IPB International Events Calendar (2007-2009)


1) World disarmament conference, Bradford, 29 August-1 September 19742) Global security, national interests, the role of civil society, Moscow, 25-28 September 19973-4) Pax Christi, international peace award ceremony, Sarajevo, 8 June 2014. Public...


1) NATO, OSCE (1990-1996)2) Landmines. Cluster munitions. Human rights and human security. Climate change (1991-2014)3) Arms trade (1987-2011)4) Disarmament. Small arms (2001-2006)


Secretariat reports ; visits reports ; activity reports

Elections. Fundraising

1) Elections, 1994-19992) Elections, 20103) Support groups' reports, 1994-20054) Fundraising, 2005-20135) Correspondence, 2005-2006

Nobel Prize

CorrespondenceNobel Will Project

International Peace Bureau


Programmes, reports, correspondence1) IPB Centenary year, civic reception, Bern, 29 November 19912) Terrorism, war and the global order, Geneva, 14 November 20013) IPB annual seminar, Copenhagen, 14 November 20084) IPB Triennial gathering, Stokhol...


Programmes, reports, correspondence1) IPB Nobel Centenary Conference, Oslo, 23-26 September 20102) Entre secret et transparence : guerre, paix et démocratie, Colloque en hommage à Henri La Fontaine, Mons, 21-22 March 20133) Citizen action on milit...

Coalitions ; Campaigns ; Calls for Action

International Coalition for Nuclear Non-Proliferation (1993-1995)International Campaign Against Nuclear Testing (1995)Abolition 2000 (1995-1999)Military Spending/Global Day of Action on Military Spending (2008-2013)


Book "Nuclear Weapons: at What Cost?" (2009) + related miscellaneous documents (2008-2012)Documents related to the book "From War to Peace" (2002-2015) + Finnish translation : "Ydinaseiden hinta"


1) Triennial Conference, Paris, 12-15 October 20002) Triennial Conference "Human security", Athens, 23-26 October 20033) 2nd international Forum on sport, peace and development, Geneva, 10-11 May 20114) 2nd international Forum on sport, ...

Nobel Prize

Nominations: external initiatives

International Peace Bureau


Newsletter "Disarmament/Geneva", No. 1-7 (2000-2002)Disarmament Advocacy Programme (DAP) (2001-2003)Disarmament for development (2008-2010)


Programmes, reports, correspondence1) IPB Regional Conference, Potsdam, Berlin, 22-25 September 19952) IPB International Conference, Moscow, 25-26 September 19973) IPB Annual Conference, Washington DC, 14-18 November20094) IPB Annual Conference, W...

International Peace Bureau

Relations with the International Liaison Committee of Organisations for Peace (ILCOP) (1982-2009)General correspondence (1935-1984)


Programmes, reports, correspondence1) Workshop Books or bombs?, Alexandria, Egypt, November 20072) Seminar Sustainable disarmament for sustainable development, Alexandria, 20073) Books or bombs? : publications. SIPRI yearbook 2007. Alexandria, Egy...


Programmes, reports, correspondence1) Helsinki, 19922) Helsinki, IPB Triennial Programme, 7-10 September 20063) Barcelona, IPB Annual Conference, 20-22 October 1994

Women in the Peace Process. Bertha von Suttner

Facsimile of a letter von Bertha von Suttner dated 1894Bertha von Suttner Year (2005) / Centenary of the Nobel Prize awarded to Bertha von Suttner (2003-2006)Copy of a biography on Bertha von Suttner's life (2005)Leaflets (2005-2006)

Documents divers

Vision générale des relations Nord-Sud - Corruption - Scénarios pour l'avenir - Texte de S. Chapatte annonçant le décès de H.P. Cart

Henri-Philippe Cart

Hague Appeal for Peace

Coordinating CommitteeOrganizing CommitteeExecutive CommitteeBoard of DirectorsInternational CommitteeBudget CommitteeFinancial statements (2001/02-2003/04)

Projects and Campaigns

Global Action to Prevent War (2003-2004)The Unfinished Disarmament Agenda (1992-1993)Human Security (2000-2005)Human Security Network News Bulletin (2001-2003 [icpl.])

Documents divers

Proposition de coopération Suisse - Afrique du Sud post-indépendance

Henri-Philippe Cart

Dossiers divers - Carnets de notes

Relations de la Suisse avec l'Afrique du Sud au temps de l'apartheid (dossier provisoire)Programme de mesures positives de coopérations

Henri-Philippe Cart


1) Conferences 1995-1999. "NGO message", 12.1999, Tampere. "Reclaim our UN", 11.2004, Padua.2) Conferences, 1969-1970.3) Centenary exhibition, 1992, Geneva.

Geneva Monitor

1) "Fact sheets", 1988-1989. Arms trade, nuclear weapons.2) "Geneva monitor disarmament", 1981-1991.3) Subscription for "Geneva monitor disarmament", 1987-1991.4) Obituaries. Biographies. 1977-2004.


History of Peace Movements Seminar (1990)Genève : un lien pour la paix (2001-2004)

Miscellaneous Documents

Constitution ; rules ; statements ; discussion papers ; working documents ; news/newsletters ; list of publications ; fact sheets


1) "Child: victim of wars and messenger of peace", Athens, 24-25 May 20012) "Child: victim of wars and messenger of peace", Athens, 24-25 May 2001. Correspondence3) "Children", 30 September 2002, Thessaloniki4) Focus ...


1-2) Conference, Oosterbeek, 23-28 August 1955. Correspondence, press clippings3-4) Barcelona Forum, 2002-2004. General and correspondence

Hague Appeal for Peace. Peace Education

Peace Lessons from Around the World / Andrea S. Libresco, Jeannette Balantic, co-editors. - New York : Hague Appeal for Peace, [2004]. - 144 p. : ill.

Libresco, Andrea S. (ed.)

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