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World Court Project

Presentation , launch, minutes of meetings, reports, statements, press releases, financial documents


Newsletter "Disarmament/Geneva", No. 1-7 (2000-2002)Disarmament Advocacy Programme (DAP) (2001-2003)Disarmament for development (2008-2010)

Women in the Peace Process. Bertha von Suttner

Facsimile of a letter von Bertha von Suttner dated 1894Bertha von Suttner Year (2005) / Centenary of the Nobel Prize awarded to Bertha von Suttner (2003-2006)Copy of a biography on Bertha von Suttner's life (2005)Leaflets (2005-2006)

Coalitions ; Campaigns ; Calls for Action

International Coalition for Nuclear Non-Proliferation (1993-1995)International Campaign Against Nuclear Testing (1995)Abolition 2000 (1995-1999)Military Spending/Global Day of Action on Military Spending (2008-2013)


Hague Appeal for PeaceNGO Committee for DisarmamentConferences, exhibitions, seminars, campaigns

Series 10. Meetings Coverage

1) Conference to Negotiate Legally Binding Instrument Banning Nuclear Weapons Adopts Treaty by 122 Votes in Favour, 1 against, 1 Abstention, 7 July 20172) Treaty Would Pave Way to Eliminating Only Unbanned Weapon of Mass Destruction, Civil Society...

Series 11. Press Releases

1) Secretary-General Welcomes Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, 7 July 20172) United Nations Conference to Negotiate Legally Binding Treaty Prohibiting Nuclear Weapons Will Hold Second Substantive Session, 15 June - 7 July [2017], 14 June ...

Series 1. Basic Documents

1) Draft Rules of Procedure (A/AC.286/L.1). UNGA Rules of Procedure (A/520/Rev.17). Views by Member States. Comments, [March 2017]2) A/RES/71/258 : Resolution adopted by the General Assembly on 23 December 2016, 11 January 20173) Scenarios for the...

Series 2. Agenda and Rules of Procedure

1) A/CONF.229/2017/3/Add.3 : Indicative timetable for the meetings of the conference, 3 July to 7 July, 30 June 20172) A/CONF.229/2017/3/Add.2 : Indicative timetable for the meetings of the conference, 26 June to 30 June, 23 June 20173) A/CONF.229...

Series 3. Statements

1) Switzerland 31/3 : Elements for Institutional, [31 March 2017]2) Switzerland 29/3 : Elements for Prohibitions, [29 March 2017]3) Switzerland 29/3 : Elements for Preambular/Principles discussion, [29 March 2017]4) Statement by H.E. Ms. Eva Walde...

Series 4. Communications from the President

1) Briefing by the President of the United Nations Conference to negotiate a legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons, leading towards their total elimination. New York, June 12, 2017, 12 June 20172) MCR-ONUG/2017-252 : Letter from t...

Series 5. Conference Documents

1) A/72/206 : Report of the United Nations conference to negotiate a legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons, leading towards their total elimination, 24 July 20172) A/CONF.229/2017/8 : Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, ...

Series 6. Conference Room Papers

1) A/CONF.229/2017/CRP.3 : Substantive revisions to A/CONF.229/2017/L.X. Submitted by the President of the Conference, 6 July 20172) A/CONF.229/2017/CRP.3 : Substantive revisions to A/CONF.229/2017/L.X. Submitted by the President of the Conference...

Series 7. Other Documents of the Conference

1) Comments and ammendments received from States on the draft treaty : Compilation of amendments received from States on the revised draft text submitted by the President dated 30 June 2017 (A/CONF.229/2017/CRP.1/Rev.1), 27 June [2017]2) Comments ...

Series 8. Information Notes

1) A/CONF.229/2017/INF/4 : List of participants, 23 June 20172) A/CONF.229/2017/INF/3 (Advance Unedited Version) : List of non-governmental organizations, 24 March 20173) A/CONF.229/2017/INF/2/Add.1 : Information for civil society representatives....

Series 14. Working Papers by NGOs (Submissions)

1) A/CONF.229/2017/NGO/WP.49 : Recommendations to Improve Aspects of the July 3 Draft Text July 5, 2017. Submitted by Arms Control Association, 5 July 20172) A/CONF.229/2017/NGO/WP.48 : Projet de Traité d'interdiction des armes nucléaires. Do...

Series 15. Informal Consultations

1) Highlights of the first substantive session, 27 April 20172) Untitled document, 31 March 20173) Talking points for the President of the Conference, 22 March 20174) Notes for the President, 22 March 20175) Palabras del Ministro de Relaciones Ext...

Series 16. Background Documents. Academic Research Papers

1) Options for Text of Environmental Remediation Provision, May 20172) Dirección General de Politíca Exterior. Costa Rica designata para presidir la conferencia de las Naciones Unidas que negociará un instrumento vinculante de prohibición de la ar...

Docherty, Bonnie

Series 16. Background Documents. Institutional Papers

10) Declaración sobre el tratado para la prohibiciónde las armas nucleares, 23 November 201711) NPT and UN Nuclear Ban: Friends not Rivals, 3 May 201712) 2017 NPT Preparatory Committee, 201713) The Treatment of the Issue of Nuclear Disarmament sin...

Parlamento latinoamericano y caribeño

Series 17. Correspondance

Letter from Elayne Whyte Gómez to the ambassadors of the missions to forward to the foreign ministers introducing the Conference and inviting them to the opening meeting of March 27, 2017 (First part of the Conference)1) A-H2) I-O3) P-Z

Series 17. Correspondance

[Submission of the first draft of the Convention presented on 22 May 2017]Draft legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons, leading towards their total elimination and related correspondance, 16-24 May 2017

Mémoire vivante de l'IUED

Interviews réalisées en février-mars 2009Réalisation par Alice Sala. Caméra : Cédric RussoAuroi, Claude et transcriptionBerthoud, Gérald et transcriptionBlardone, Gilbert et transcriptionBocco, Riccardo et transcriptionBox, Louk (La Rive Box, Louk...

Institut universitaire d'études du développement

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