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104 Foreign aid to the justice sector

Consulting report, project design, draft versions with comments, correspondance, final report (published 2000, project originally titled "Human rights assistance"

122 Migration: human rights protection of smuggled persons

  • 4.2.ICHRP B.11/1-4 ICHRP B.19/1-2
  • Файл
  • 2003-2009
  • Part of Fonds spéciaux

10/1-2: Country file
10/3-4: Background reading
14/1-4: Meetings
19/1-2 : Interviews conducted by Ariadna Torres' paper for July 2005 Review Meeting

Project design, documentation collected, correspondance, meetings, draft reports, comments, interviews with migrants in transit through Mexico 2005 (published 2010)


Zürich : Neue Zürcher Zeitung
Separatdruck der am 12. Januar erschienen Jubliäumsausgabe

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Paris : L'Edition artistique

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Montrouge : Draeger

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80th anniversary of Ye. D. Kuskova. Congratulatory letters and telegramms

1) "Чудесный человек (70 летие Е.Д. Кусковой)", машинописная статья
Trad. du titre : "A wonderful person (Ye. D. Kuskova's 70th anniversary)", typewritten article, [1939]
2) 80 летие Е.Д.Кусковой. Поздравительные письма
Trad. du titre : 80th anniversary of Ye. D. Kuskova. Congratulatory letters,11.1949 - 01.1950
3) 80 летие Е.Д.Кусковой. Поздравительные телеграммы
Trad. du titre : 80th anniversary of Ye. D. Kuskova. Congratulatory telegrams, 1949
4) Пустые конверты от писем
Trad. du titre : empty envelopes

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